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Watch Kapil Dev : Break the Partnership #WeightinDiabetes

BTP - Patient Booklet

Link between Weight and diabetes

Know how weight and diabetes is linked and how to break the partnership

living with diabetes_Booklet_AST_V5 copy

Living with Diabetes

A guide to live with diabetes, eating and lifestyle


infographic-GLP1_AST_V2 copy

Type 2 Diabetes and GLP-1 Hormone

Role of GLP-1 hormone in type 2 diabetes

Infographic-type-2-insulin-ES copy

Type 2 diabetes and Insulin

What is insulin and its role in Type 2 diabetes

Infographic-questions-for-every-stage-of-your-diabetes-journey_AST_V1 copy

10 Questions to ask your doctor

Tips to ask your doctor regarding your diabetes journey

Medication_Leaflet_V2 copy

Know your treatment possibilities

Know your medications and treatments