Our innovative injection pens combine patient insight with engineering excellence to make drug delivery as simple as possible. View our broad range of disposable pre-filled pens, durable pens with replaceable insulin cartridges and smart connected pens for diabetes treatment that meets your needs.

NovoPen<sup>®</sup> 4
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NovoPen® 4

NovoPen® 4 is the world’s most used durable pen device: refined and updated for millions of people with diabetes worldwide.

NovoPen<sup>®</sup> 5
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NovoPen® 5

NovoPen® 5 is the culmination of 25+ years of NovoPen® experience: easy-to-use, durable and with an intuitive memory function.

NovoPen<sup>®</sup> Echo
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NovoPen® Echo

Help your child manage their diabetes and dose confidently with the durable NovoPen® Echo.

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FlexPen® is a pre-filled insulin or GLP-1 pen you can trust to deliver an accurate dose, time after time.

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FlexTouch® is a disposable, pre-filled pen designed with your needs in mind.


Use your Novo Nordisk or other branded injection pens with our injection needles. Featuring different lengths and widths, they have been designed to make injections easier and more comfortable for you.

NovoFine Plus needle.

NovoFine® Plus

An ultra-thin, ultra-short needle that injects quickly and easily and is suitable for people of all ages and weights.

NovoTwist needle.


A needle that is designed for simplicity, reliability and user-friendliness to address real patient concerns.

NovoFine needle.


Thin, screw-on needle that is simple to use whatever your age or weight.

NovoFine Autocover needle.

NovoFine® Autocover®

Simple, screw-on needle with an automatic safety shield cover that helps to make you feel comfortable about your injections.

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