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The world is continually evolving, and so are the needs of people with diabetes. FlexTouch® – a disposable, pre-filled pen that has been designed with your needs in mind – is the result of our patient-centric approach to research & development:

Light blue FlexTouch

Easy to use

Non-extending dose button and low injection force means it is easier to perform an injection, regardless of dose

Confidence in drug delivery

End-of-dose click and patient confidence in accurate dose delivery

Preferred by patients

Over 80% of patients and HCPs preferred to use FlexTouch® vs SoloStar®† or KwikPen®‡

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Light blue FlexTouch with ordered list numbers.
  1. FlexTouch® is compatible with most needles, including NovoFine® Plus and NovoTwist® needles
  2. FlexTouch® pens are colour-coded for easy identification

  3. FlexTouch® is easy to use, with a non-extending dose button that is specially designed to make it easier to inject
  4. An audible 'click' sound lets you know that your full insulin dose has been delivered*
  5. FlexTouch® has an easy-to-read dose display

*After the dose counter has returned to zero, the needle should be kept under the skin for at least 6 seconds to ensure the full dose is delivered

†Glargine 100 units/ml
‡In two usability studies, n=120 and n=160

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Instructions for use

If you are looking for instructions on how to use your FlexTouch®, click on one of the coloured pens below for further guidance on your treatment.

Dosing & treatment combinations

Pen FlexTouch® 100 units/ml FlexTouch® 200 units/ml FlexTouch® with combination of insulin and GLP-1 FlexTouch with GLP-1
Pre-loaded with either of the following Insulin degludec, Insulin detemir, Insulin aspart, Insulin degludec/aspart Insulin degludec Combination of Insulin degludec and Liraglutide Semaglutide
Increments 1 2 1 0.25 mg, 05. mg or 1 mg
Minimum dose 1 unit 2 units 1 dose step*,** 0.25 mg
Maximum dose 80 units 160 units 50 dose steps 1 mg

*Equal to 1 unit of insulin degludec plus 0.036 mg of liraglutide 
**Please note that the US does not use dose steps, but units. For the US, the starting dose is 10 units and the maximum dose is 50 units


Injection guide

Check which needles are compatible with FlexTouch® and how this pen compares to other pens in the range

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