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NovoPen® 5

NovoPen® 5 is the culmination of more than 25 years of NovoPen® experience. With the additional benefit of an easy-to-use memory function, it builds on the strong design and performance of its predecessor, the popular NovoPen® 4. 


NovoPen 5

Improving on NovoPen®  4

The world’s most used durable insulin pen

Increases patient confidence and compliance:

Intuitive memory function that records time and dose since last injection*

*Records dose volume and time within the last 12 hours

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NovoPen 5 with ordered list numbers.
  1. Easy-to-use memory function
    • Time elapsed: Each segment represents an hour since the last dose
    • Last dose volume: Records the last insulin dose in units
  2. End-of-dose click

  3. Easy-to-set and easy-to-read dose display
  4. Easy-to-use dial
    • Easily correct a dose by simply turning the dial the other way
    • Clicks when dialling up and down
    • Dial will not select more units than what is left in the cartridge

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Dosing options

Pen NovoPen® 5
Penfill® cartridge 3 ml
1 unit
Minimum dose 1 unit
Maximum dose 60 units


Injection guide

Check which needles are compatible with NovoPen® 5 and how this pen compares to other pens in the range

Check to see what your NovoPen® 5 digital display is telling you

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