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Helping you keep track when caring for someone with diabetes

Do you care for someone with diabetes?

If you answered yes, then you know what is involved. Almost every aspect of a person’s life is affected by having diabetes, so being a caregiver is no small task. Novo Nordisk has introduced new smart insulin pens that help keep track of the injection time, size and type of insulin taken per day. Giving you some added support that makes caring for someone with diabetes, a little easier.

When caring for someone with diabetes, you have to:

  • keep their glucose levels on target
  • measure their glucose levels
  • regulate their insulin doses
  • guide them in making healthy lifestyle choices

Young people with diabetes – can you help them keep up and keep track?

If you are in charge of a determined toddler, a lively 9-year-old or a rapidly-growing-up teenager with diabetes then you already know that there are a number of special challenges involved. Childhood is a time of rapid growth and maturation, and as a young person moves through different developmental stages from early childhood through to adolescence, they require continual adjustment of their insulin doses to keep their glucose levels on target. Keeping track of insulin over weeks and months is key to managing their diabetes. However, the everyday realities of a young person’s life often make it difficult to keep accurate records of the exact time, size and type of insulin they took – if you don’t keep an eye on it. There are digital solutions that can make this a little easier.

Tracking for those who cannot

It will come as no surprise to some, that looking after a young toddler with diabetes is a round-the-clock responsibility. As a parent, it can be hard to manage everything while also living an active family life. Keeping track of snacks, meals and insulin dosing while juggling playdates and family outings can be a significant challenge. 

But what happens when their grandmother takes care of them, or when your little princess wants to go for a sleep-over at her friend’s house? Who will be able to keep accurate records when you are not around? It can be tricky to coordinate a toddler’s diabetes care among other caretakers, such as family members, friends, childminders and teachers. These carers may not be completely familiar with the tasks involved and it could be challenging for them to remember to keep record of her insulin doses. 

“It is hard to be certain that accurate records are kept when you are not involved.”

You – as a primary carer - know how important it can be to record how much and when insulin was administered; and to be sure that insulin doses aren’t mistakenly stacked up through the day. You also know that keeping track helps you gather data over a period of time that can be useful in pinpointing any issues in her glucose level control that may occur.

This is where smart insulin pens come in handy. A smart insulin pen automatically records and stores in its memory the injection time, amount and type of insulin doses taken each day. Using a smart insulin pen also simplifies the process for other people who are taking a turn in caring for a young child with diabetes, in that they are not required to keep a record of each dose themselves. Allowing you to let her have that sleep-over without worrying about accurate records being kept.

Tracking when they want to track

Life as a teen is tough enough – at least according to every teenager out there! Teenagers want everything to be easy and they want to be able to blend in with their peers. Having diabetes only complicates their life. Consider a situation where you are taking care of a teenager with diabetes, who is a budding sport star.  


Using a smart insulin pen can make his life easier. A smart insulin pen can help him take responsibility for his own injections and diabetes management. It can also help him overcome his embarrassment about managing – or even mentioning – his diabetes in front of his friends. A smart insulin pen automatically records how much and when he had each insulin dose – acting as his memory, so he doesn’t have to remember or note anything down.

This smart device discreetly helps him keep track of a his doses while he keeps up with his busy life.

As a parent or carer, you can be sure that all his dosing data is accurate, complete and available to you and his diabetes care team to help optimise his treatment.

Smarter technology for smarter care

New technologies, such as smart insulin pens can help you with the management of diabetes in children and teenagers. It automatically records each insulin dose, storing in its memory the exact time of injection, size and type of insulin taken. 

So, when you let your child have a sleep-over, or when their Grandparents are taking a turn at caring for them, or your teenager goes out with his friends, you don’t need to worry about whether their insulin doses were taken or not. All the information stored on the pen – can be transferred via several apps to your smartphone. This information can be shared with their diabetes team, to make appointments more productive and their diabetes management easier.

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