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Type 2 diabetes | 2 min. read

Caring for someone with type 2 diabetes

Caring for or living with someone with type 2 diabetes can be challenging. Because the condition starts in adulthood, individuals may find it hard to adjust to needing help or to make changes to their lifestyle. It is important you identify the best way you can support them while taking care of yourself in the process.

If you are new to caring for an adult with type 2 diabetes, start by learning about the condition and how to recognise type 2 diabetes complications

Creating a care plan

Once you get a better understanding of what can happen with diabetes, creating a care plan together with the person you support is a good place to start. You can write it together, with help from their healthcare professional if needed, to ensure you cover all the essentials. Your care plan could include:

  • Meals: Diet and type 2 diabetes are closely linked, so it is important to balance what, when and how much the person you care for eats, and to help him or her make healthy choices
  • Being active: Regular exercise  helps improve blood glucose control and avoid health complications. Make enjoyable physical activity part of their daily life
  • Medication: Help the person you support to stick to the treatment plan prescribed by his or her healthcare professional
  • Checking blood glucose: Encourage and remind the person you care for to check their blood glucose. Learn how you can help to monitor their blood glucose control

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