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Diabetes Ireland is the national charity dedicated to helping people with diabetes and their families.

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Diabetes is a serious health issue with approximately 308,000 people living with the condition in Ireland.  It can be managed well however by leading a healthy lifestyle, taking medication and with regular support and education.

With the right help, advice and support, there is no reason why Irish people with diabetes cannot live life to the full.  Diabetes Ireland, the national charity for people with diabetes since 1967, provides support, education and motivation to everyone affected by diabetes in addition to advice received from their diabetes healthcare team.

It is very important for a person with diabetes to have optimal control of their condition, so they are best protected in the event of any illness.  Optimising diabetes management requires daily decision-making regarding food choices, activity levels and taking medication.  Knowing that help, advice, education, care and support is available from diabetes Ireland is an added benefit to the support received from your GP or diabetes healthcare team.

Membership of Diabetes Ireland connects you to: 

  • Our diabetes community, who understand the daily challenges of living with diabetes;
  • Access to services that can improve your day-to-day management;
  • Ongoing care, support, and education to meet your current and future diabetes management needs;
  • Access to trusted and reliable information on a wide range of diabetes-related topics;
  • A charity that continually advocates for improvements in diabetes services and free access to diabetes medications and technology;
  • For children and their families, access to a Family Programme

Diabetes Ireland is solely focused on working to make life a little less complicated for you and keeping you safe and well.

Become a Member today

Some of the benefits available to you include: 

To help you get the most from your membership, upon joining, you will receive a welcome pack, including a copy of our latest members’ magazine plus expert information tailored to your needs and information on upcoming events relevant to you. You will also receive our monthly e-newsletter.


We publish a full-colour magazine issued three times a year and delivered to your door, which gives you exclusive access to high-quality medical management and lifestyle advice, personal stories, nutrition and recipes, advocacy, and community news updates.


Our team will send you our Monthly Member E-Newsletter to keep you up to date on upcoming events and invitations, awareness campaigns, advocacy news, research updates, survey participation opportunities, medical and lifestyle news and community updates as they happen.


When you need more specific advice and information, our helpline team are here to help. Our helpline operates from Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm excluding Bank Holidays. We always give our members time, call 01 8428118 to speak to a member of our team today.

Diabetes Ireland holds a mix of virtual and in-person events each year which help you to connect with other members. These include educational webinars on varying aspects of living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and emotional wellbeing workshops which offer a fantastic opportunity to learn from your peers and leading healthcare professionals. You can attend one of our Type 2 diabetes CODE structured education programmes, where you will learn to live well with your condition and hear from your peers on how they manage on a day-to-day basis.

For our younger members and their families, we hold a wide range of activities to suit all ages all aimed at providing opportunities for you to meet other families living with diabetes.

By joining our community, you will receive exclusive notifications of these webinars and events showcasing a range of subject speakers and topics, and much more. For more information.

We aim to ensure that diabetes medications and services remain free for everyone. Working with our members and diabetes healthcare professionals, we continually seek improvements in diabetes services, so everyone gets a high quality of care. We fight against discrimination in the workplace and raise awareness of diabetes in schools.

We achieve this by advocating and influencing public policy for improvements in public diabetes services nationwide and quicker access to new medications and technology that will help people with diabetes to improve the daily management of their condition. For more information, click here.


Every person with diabetes should attend a podiatrist at least once a year. Members receive a discount on podiatry appointments and products in our Care Centres in Dublin and Cork. We also stock a large range of diabetes-friendly shoes. To book an appointment and avail of our member’s appointment fee, call Dublin on 01 8428118 or Cork on 021 4274229. For more information, click here.


We successfully fought to remove excess premiums on your private car insurance because you have diabetes. Make sure to compare your annual insurance quote with our member’s scheme with Zurich. Ring our helpline for further information on this and all other aspects of insurance including mortgage protection, travel, and dental care.


You can avail of the option to be included in the monthly member’s draw for a chance to win €1,200 euros every month.

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